Patient Insurance

Most insurance plans cover audiologic evaluations based on “medical necessity” as documented by a physician’s prescription for an audiologic evaluation to test for a suspected diagnosis (e.g. hearing loss unspecified, sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, etc.).

Synapse Audiology is currently an out-of-network provider for insurance carriers. Please be mindful that seeing an out-of-network provider may change your reimbursement. To keep our patients’ costs down and our pricing value-based, we do not bill third party payers directly. We ask for payment for services in full from our patients at the time of the service.

We will, however, assist you in self-submitting a claim to your insurance for our services, so that you may ask for direct reimbursement from your insurance carrier or apply monies paid to your deductible. After your appointment at Synapse Audiology, you should have all the tools you need for the self-submittal of a claim. Please call or email Synapse Advanced Audiology, Inc. if your insurance company needs a letter or any other additional documentation.

Medicare patients:  Synapse Hearing Health, Inc. is a Medicare Provider and accepting new patients.  Your claim for diagnostic audiology services will be filed on your behalf.  Treatment and management of auditory disorders by Doctors of Audiology are often excluded from Medicare coverage and will be provided by Synapse Advanced Audiology, Inc.  Often your diagnosing audiologist will be your treating audiologist to manage your hearing healthcare needs.  Please discuss your provider preferences with our office manager or any of our doctors.

Your out-of-pocket audiology and hearing aid services are typically qualified medical expenses if you have an FSA or an HSA. Please check with your insurance company and accountant if you have questions.

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