Listen For Your Future

The Listen for Your Future program is a full-service diagnostic neuro-audiology practice for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. We identify, diagnose, and manage hearing loss and other disorders of the auditory nervous system from six months of age through adulthood.

Hearing Evaluations for Children

A hearing test for a child is often not as simple as a hearing test for an adult. For this reason, audiologists are trained in specific techniques to evaluate the hearing of a child. Toys, games, and lights are used in the testing room to help obtain responses from a child to soft tones, noises, or words. The child may wear headphones or listen to the sounds in a room with speakers. Typically objective physiologic tests are recommended to confirm behavioral responses and/or to identify site of dysfunction. See Complete Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation.

Hearing Aids

For individuals with hearing loss and tinnitus who may benefit from amplification, the full spectrum of hearing aid fitting, orientation, rehabilitation services are provided. We use evidence-based best practices with state of the art audio, computer programming, and auditory training equipment. A minimum of Basic Audiologic Evaluation is needed for hearing aid fitting.

CAPD Evaluation for Adults and Children

For individuals with suspected (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Listen for Your Future provides behavioral and physiologic assessment of the peripheral and central auditory nervous systems to identify deficient auditory processing skills and site(s) of dysfunction that create barriers to learning, language, communication, and listening. Central auditory processing is simply defined as “what the brain does” with sound. But complex networks of neural pathways are responsible for very specific auditory skills needed to be an effective listener in a variety of environments and situations. See CAPD Evaluation.