When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough or Aren’t for You

Listening to speech in background noise can continue to be extremely troublesome even with hearing aids, or even with normal hearing ears. The solution then becomes remote microphones, or FM systems.

Remote Microphones and FM Systems

A Communication partner speaks into small, portable, easy-to-wear microphones (the size of a pack of gum or smaller like a USB flash drive). Their voice is broadcast directly from the mic into discrete and tiny ear-level receivers, so the listener hears their partner at a clear comfortable level, always above the background noise, no matter how far from their partner. Listening becomes so easy in a crowded restaurant, a large lecture hall, in the car, virtually anywhere. An added bonus…audio can be streamed from virtually any device: mp3 player, cell phone, computer, TV, even landline phones…hands free AND wireless!

  • Hearing Aid Streaming: Shorter range, less robust (some high-frequency speech information is not accessible, usually above 3000 Hz)
  • Hearing Aid FM Systems: Receives and broadcasts the full speech spectrum at long distances; an additional fitting fee applies to patients with hearing aids purchased elsewhere.
  • Standalone FM Systems: For individuals with normal hearing sensitivity but who are greatly impacted by background noise, receives and broadcasts the full speech spectrum