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Maximizing the
Ear-Brain Connection

Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Aids

Our pricing allows for the purchase, fitting, orientation, and rehabilitation of hearing aids at a significantly lower cost than is typically found in the community. Your payment is $845 plus the cost of the devices and accessories. After your initial rehabilitation period (your 45-day hearing aid trial which includes 4 follow-up appointments), only pay for the hearing aid services you need, when you need them. See Ongoing Hearing Aid Service.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During a hearing aid evaluation, you will partner with your audiologist to determine your listening needs and preferences. You will learn about the different styles, technologies, and benefits of hearing aids. This is service is often incorporated at no charge into your Basic Audiologic Evaluation or your Complete Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation.

Fitting, Orientation, and Rehabilitation

To determine the optimum settings for your hearing aids, we use your audiogram, as well as your personal impression of how well you can hear. The hearing aids are computer-programmed and acoustically tuned based on a prescription that is specific to each person’s hearing loss. The accuracy of your prescription is ensured by using Real Ear Measurements, which measure and verify the actual sound from your hearing aid as it is delivered to your eardrum. Your audiologist will make adjustments after you try the hearing aids to make sure the settings and fit are ideal for you.

When adjusting your hearing aids, we take various measurements to check how well you can hear. Once we teach you how to use them and take care of them, you should wear your new hearing aids for a few days in your regular surroundings.

Over the course of 4 appointments, your audiologist will guide you through adapting to the new and different sounds provided by your hearing aids. This is a rehabilitative process that takes time and effort on the wearer’s and audiologist’s part to fine-tune the hearing aids and to teach you brain to process the new hearing aid sound.

Did you order your hearing aids online or over the phone? Wondering if you are hearing the best you can through them? Struggling with comfort and fit? Can’t get the sound right for speech clarity or music listening? Sign on for a complete fitting, orientation, fine-tuning, and rehab program for our $845 fitting fee, up to 4 follow-up appointments included. Bring your most recent audiogram. If it’s older than 6 months, schedule a Basic Audiologic Evaluation at our office to obtain a current hearing aid prescription.

We service Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, and Widex hearing aids. Sorry, hearing aids purchased from stores and chain hearing aid clinics are often are not able to be programmed at our office.

Device Costs (per hearing aid)

Basic Technology ($1110): Wide-Scope Directionality for amplification from the front, Noise Reduction for comfort in noise, Basic Tuning across Frequencies for sound quality and feedback management

Mid-level Technology ($1550): Adaptive Directionality for targeting speech, Noise Reduction plus Speech Enhancement for comfort and clarity in noise, Flexible Tuning across Frequencies for sound quality and feedback management

Advanced Technology ($2150): Binaural Processing of Directionality and Noise Reduction for organizing the soundscape of speech and environmental sounds, Intricate Tuning across Frequencies for sound quality and feedback management