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About Our Audiologists

Catherine Fabian, Au.D.

Catherine Fabian, Au.D.
Pediatric and Neuro Audiologist

Dr. Catherine Fabian received her doctorate in audiology from Northwestern University in 2008 after studying cognitive science and linguistics at UC San Diego.  Known as "Dr. Cat" to her younger patients, her talents and interests lie in assessing and treating children, performing (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder evaluations, and providing rehabilitation through auditory training and hearing aid fittings.

Neural represesentation of music in the brain was the topic of her doctoral thesis, and Dr. Fabian continues to integrate her love for music professionally by providing hearing healthcare for musicians and music fans.

Dr. Fabian has worked as an educational audiologist in public schools developing (C)APD assessment and therapy programs, in medically diagnostic private practice dispensing hearing aids, and in hospital rehabilitation programs performing (C)APD research, assessement, and treatment. She also directed Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programs at hospitals throughout San Diego.

She is excited to have the opportunity to consolidate her professional expertise and passions into a comprehensive audiology practice designed to expand the reach of audiology and its specialties in order to increase early identification and management of hearing loss and other auditory disorders in children and adults.

Colleen E. Moore, Au.D.

Colleen E. Moore, Au.D.
Rehabilitative and Conservation Audiologist

Dr. Colleen E. Moore received her doctorate in audiology from Towson University in Towson, Maryland after studying Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at San Diego State University.  Her doctoral research examined hearing and understanding important signals with competing background noise.  Her specialties include fitting the latest in hearing aid technology, auditory rehabilitation and hearing conservation. 

Dr. Moore has spent the past several years helping those with hearing loss by fitting them with hearing aids at the forefront of technology.  Her relationship with patients doesn’t end once they are fit with hearing aids, but continues throughout life.  Dr. Moore partners with her patients to work together on the path to better hearing and better communication.  This better hearing helps individuals continue to lead active social lives and maintain strong family relationships.  Her goal is for her patients to love their hearing aids and the benefits that they provide for them.

Dr. Moore is also passionate about spreading the word about protecting the sense of hearing.  Everyone should be educated about the dangers of high noise and protecting their hearing, whether it’s in the workplace or while listening or performing music.  She understands that individuals don’t need to compromise their ability to hear at work or the fidelity of music in order to protect their hearing. 

Julie O. Johns, Au.D.

Julie O. Johns, Au.D.
Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Audiologist

Dr. Julie Johns received her audiology doctorate from the University of Florida after completing her masters at San Diego State University and establishing a well-respected career in diagnosing and managing hearing loss and other auditory and vestibular disorders such as tinnitus and vertigo.

Dr. Johns joined Synapse in 2016 to bring her passion for improving patients lives through identifying hearing challenges in important aspects of people's lives such as family relationships, social gatherings, sports and fitness, music and theater events, learning opportunies, community engagement, and work situations.  Dr. Johns is expert in fitting hearing aids that provide optimal comfort, security, and sound to treat each patient's individual challenges created by their hearing loss.

Dr. Johns began experiencing hearing loss as a teenager, is a long-term hearing aid wearer.  She understands the effort needed to communicate when it's hard to hear and can identify with her patient's struggles, apprehension, and delight found through dealing with hearing loss and taking on hearing aid use to reconnect and engage with people and sound.

Additionally, Dr. Johns is experienced with and holds clinical interest in cochlear implants, tinnitus, and assistive listening devices including Blue-Tooth audio streaming capabilities of hearing aids.

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